About Us

The ARIAS partnership harnesses the skills of top law, accountancy and information-technology professionals in order to offer bespoke solutions in a wide range of areas including :

  • The identification and recovery of both physical and de-materialised assets;
  • The recovery of losses, including investment losses suffered as a result of corporate misconduct, market abuse, et cetera;
  • The formulation of strategies for prosecuting litigation and enforcing judgments;
  • The capture and analysis of information presently and previously stored on computers, servers and internet sites;


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Our Approach

ARIAS’ approach is based on:

  • a thorough preliminary analysis of the position of the parties;
  • the tailoring of a clear action plan;
  • a precise costing of the proposed strategy; and
  • the effective implementation of the agreed action plan.


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Our Skills

ARIAS’ mission is to become the service provider of choice for asset identification and recovery actions.

To achieve this we have assembled a team of advisors and investigators with unmatched experience with private clients and law enforcement agents in a host of relevant fields including

    • forensic accountancy and analysis
    • information technology
    • multi-jurisdictional investigations and enforcement and
    • the organisation and prosecution of large-scale litigation


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