Who Are We?

The ARIAS partnership harnesses the skills of top law, accountancy and information-technology professionals, in order to offer a wide range of bespoke solutions to the business and finance community, including :

    • The identification and recovery of both physical and de-materialised assets;
    • The recovery of losses, including investment losses suffered as a result of corporate misconduct, market abuse, violation of corporate or securities laws, bankruptcy or restructuring, investment fraud or similar situations;
    • The formulation of strategies for prosecuting litigation and enforcing judgments;
    • The capture and analysis of information presently and previously stored on computers, servers and internet sites;
    • The provision of management and logistical support for large-scale litigation, including the storage and retrieval of digital evidence and documents for electronic discovery; and
    • The collation of business and technical intelligence, as well as the carrying-out of character profiling, system checks and fraud risk evaluations.

The partnership acts on behalf of larger organisations and State agencies but specialises in bringing world-class expertise and experience within the budget of private individuals and smaller businesses. Solutions can be confined to Ireland or can be multi-jurisdictional as circumstances require.